Asynchronous Resources with ActiveMQ Webinar Summary

Asynchronous Resources With ActiveMQ Webinar Summary

MidPoint is primarily synchronous system. Its major processes like reconciliation, live synchronization or regular provisioning work in synchronous mode. However, recent releases have brought a possibility of asynchronous communication (e.g. based on messaging) with both source and target resources. These are asynchronous updates in version 4.0 and asynchronous provisioning in version 4.3. When to Use Read more about Asynchronous Resources With ActiveMQ Webinar Summary[…]

Axiom Query Language Webinar Summary

Axiom Query Language Webinar Summary

MidPoint 4.3 “Faraday” introduced new query language, Axiom Query, which gives users powerful search capabilities directly in GUI, but can also be used in XML. The motivation was to create easy to understand language, which can be used across whole midPoint and enable more powerful queries without the need of writing XML filters. We were Read more about Axiom Query Language Webinar Summary[…]

midPoint 4.3 Webinar Summary

MidPoint 4.3 Webinar Summary

MidPoint 4.3 was introduced last week during webinar held online. Improvements and new features were briefly described. Features we’re currently working on such as a native, high-performance, scalable repository implementation for PostgreSQL were also touched. Overall attendance was around 50 people. Thanks everyone for coming and I hope you enjoyed it! Those who couldn’t attend, Read more about MidPoint 4.3 Webinar Summary[…]

midPoint on Mars

Per Identitam Ad Astra: We Are Going Multiplanetary

Humanity has been exploring Mars since 1960. With its 38% gravity of the Earth’s, thin yet protective atmosphere and day-night rhythm very similar to ours, it is believed that Mars is one of Earth’s closest habitable neighbors in our solar system. Next logical step after Mars exploration is a permanent settlement and building new society. Read more about Per Identitam Ad Astra: We Are Going Multiplanetary[…]

MidScale Survey Results

MidScale Survey Results

MidScale project is running full speed ahead. The goal of midScale is to significantly improve midPoint scalability and performance. The project is about to bring substantial changes in midPoint. As some of those changes will affect community in numerous ways, we have gathered feedback from midPoint community in a survey. The survey is completed and the results are in. […]