27th August 2015

Consulting Services

Maximize midPoint’s endless benefits and hire a seasoned professional. Evolveum’s team of experts and/or our partners are ready to assist you with the following activities:

Proof of Concept

The Proof of Concept Service helps organizations speed up their exploration process, provide expert insights, and demonstrate that midPoint is capable of carrying out the required tasks.


Before the start of the project, information is gathered and an analysis is performed. The results are examined and the project is planned.

Architecture and Design

MidPoint specialists can assist you with your overall architecture and technical design.


Experienced professionals can help you configure midPoint according to your needs and overall goals.

Project Documentation

Specific guides and project documentation can be prepared based on your requirements by Evolveum’s techies.


Installation, testing, integration,  midPoint upgrades, etc.

Evolveum’s engineers can be allocated as FTE or on an ad-hoc basis.
Consulting Services are provided only if a customer has an active Support Subscription. The exception to this rule is the PoC Service, Analysis, and similar projects that require preparation in advance.

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