Why You Should Upgrade Your MidPoint Installation

Not so long ago, I had the opportunity to upgrade midPoint from a long unsupported version to the latest LTS version. It was quite an experience, especially because most of the time, I was actually writing the software, but not maintaining or upgrading it. There are many benefits when you upgrade your software, however, the Read more about Why You Should Upgrade Your MidPoint Installation[…]

MidPoint 4.7 "Johnson"

MidPoint 4.7 “Johnson”

MidPoint 4.7 has been released. It is code-named Johnson after Katherine Johnson because of its most important feature – simulations. With simulations feature midPoint can predict results of future operations. It can provide basic what-if analysis and so reduce concerns about harming the production data. Hand in hand with simulations, object marks can be used. Read more about MidPoint 4.7 “Johnson”[…]

Introducing MidAI

Attention all midPoint users and enthusiasts! We have some exciting news to share with you. We have decided to take a bold step forward. Starting from today, midPoint, the leading open source identity management and governance platform, will be supported and developed by an artificial intelligence (AI) technology named midAI that we’ve been developing over Read more about Introducing MidAI[…]

Live Demo Upgrade to MidPoint 4.6

MidPoint is continually evolving. Each version brings new features, additional customization, user interface improvements, and other innovations. Our team is doing its best to keep people informed about all the options that midPoint offers by providing documentation, release notes, organizing webinars, and last but not least, having the midPoint live demo. The demo has a Read more about Live Demo Upgrade to MidPoint 4.6[…]

MidPoint 4.6 Webinar Summary

MidPoint 4.6 Webinar Summary

Last Thursday we organized a webinar dedicated to what’s new in midPoint 4.6. After the marathon of webinars related to the LTS version 4.4 we took a break after 4.5, but now we’re back with our tradition of What’s New webinars. Version 4.6, code-named “Baumgarten”, brings a lot of improvements – and not only under Read more about MidPoint 4.6 Webinar Summary[…]

Time to let JDK 11 go... eventually

Time to Let JDK 11 Go… Eventually

tl;dr: We’d like to drop JDK 11, preferably in our next feature release (midPoint 4.6). Current LTS (4.4.x) will not be affected. If you think it is not a good idea, let us know why. And now the whole story: It feels just like yesterday when we were stuck with JDK 8, but since then, Read more about Time to Let JDK 11 Go… Eventually[…]

Replacing WAR With JAR

Replacing WAR With JAR

For many versions, it has been possible to deploy midPoint as a standalone application. After all, this is the preferred way how to do it. Simply run the WAR, using one of the provided scripts or as a service. There was another way – the legacy way – how to do it. You could take Read more about Replacing WAR With JAR[…]

MidPoint Basic Use Survey

MidPoint Basic Use Survey

We are currently working on improvements to midPoint user experience, and we are planning even more of them in the future. However, to make good user experience improvements, we need to know how midPoint is used. MidPoint is a comprehensive open source platform, it can be used in a myriad of different ways and configurations. Read more about MidPoint Basic Use Survey[…]