Evolveum’s Journey to the TIIME Unconference: MidPoint Working Group

As a newbie eager to dive into the world of identity management, going on my first conference trip with Evolveum at the MidPoint Working Group  was an exciting experience. I am always encouraged by the exchange of ideas, the discovery of new trends, and the opportunity to meet new people. Recently, Evolveum had the honor of being a gold sponsor at the TIIME Unconference, which turned out to be a combination of cooperation, education, and innovation.

MidPoint Group Unconference

The University of Copenhagen provided a wonderful and breathtaking setting for the meeting. When I entered the premises, I was astounded by the stunning architecture and the incredible ambiance that filled the space. It was fantastic.

Since my colleagues and I had arrived in Copenhagen one day earlier, we took advantage of the chance to explore the city’s natural beauty and the university campus before the conference officially began on Monday. After completing our registration, we prepared all the necessary materials for our participation in the conference. Soon people started pouring into the presentation room, filled with anticipation.

University of Copenhagen

The conference began with two sessions, each taking place in a different meeting room. In one room, a workshop titled Modern Approach to midPoint Operations was ongoing and focused on innovative strategies to optimize midPoint operations in today’s dynamic environments. These approaches included using Kubernetes for initialization and running midPoint in a cluster setup. A workshop on Tracing and Troubleshooting was going on in another room at the same time, and it provided helpful information on how to navigate and resolve issues with identity management. This workshop, which I personally attended, covered how to utilize midPoint Studio to analyze trace logs and provided helpful advice on locating and resolving configuration errors within complex midPoint operations.

The enthusiasm in the room increased as the meeting went on, with attendees actively participating and raising questions, which the Evolveum team is always delighted to address. The collaborative atmosphere facilitated learning and progress, resulting in a valuable conference experience. Following the training, the conference featured exciting talks covering crucial topics in identity management. We handed the floor over to our customers at the Laboratoire National De Santé and VIVES University of Applied Sciences, who kindly shared their insightful midPoint experience.

Evolveum presentation

The developer session on Parametric and Dynamic Roles explored novel techniques for role-based access control. The Smart Correlation presentation explored the intricacies of identity correlation and provided practical techniques for recognizing and reducing identity-related threats in today’s connected digital world, utilizing midPoint’s capabilities.

During the engaging sessions, I presented my work on Role Mining for the first time in public. Despite the stress, I was encouraged by the audience’s questions, opinions, and overall interest. I had collaborated with colleagues and mentors at Evolveum to produce a presentation highlighting our dedication to innovation and quality. Sharing my ideas and contributing to the community’s knowledge was a pivotal point in my professional development.

After the closing speeches, we successfully concluded the conference for the day and met in large numbers at a local restaurant, where a very friendly atmosphere prevailed.

The Evolveum Team

The second day of the conference began with a discussion about security in identity management. The morning presentations focused on how midPoint may save costs, especially when it comes to licensing. In addition, the importance of end-to-end deployment strategies for midPoint was emphasized, closely monitoring key aspects to ensure a smooth and successful implementation. Attendees gained insight into the critical factors to keep in mind when deploying midPoint and became equipped with the knowledge needed to effectively navigate the deployment. Discussions revolved around midPoint’s key role in helping organizations comply with cybersecurity standards and regulations. With its robust features and capabilities, midPoint offers a powerful tool for organizations seeking to enforce cybersecurity best practices and meet regulatory requirements, thereby enhancing their overall security posture.

The afternoon part was dominated by our customer  Orange Slovakia and partners AMI Praha, Inalogy (Slovakia), and the Brazilian company eBZ Tecnologia in the field of IT security services. For me, it was a unique experience to see how people use the flexible functions of midPoint. Of course, that wasn’t everything. Many interesting topics were discussed. Throughout the day, participants eagerly absorbed and shared knowledge, strengthening collaboration and determination to advance the field of identity management.

Finally, a joint moment captured

Throughout the event, from exploring cutting-edge technology to learning about best practices, every conversation I had inspired me and piqued my curiosity. The conference was excellent. There were many interesting questions, concepts, and a friendly atmosphere. And for me, it was an invaluable experience that I will never forget.

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