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Download midPoint and make the working process smooth by using the best Open Identity & Organization Management and Governance platform out there. Get the work done faster, easier and secure. Are your requirements very specific and you need midPoint to be adjusted precisely according to that? Check out our support offer or contact us directly.

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midPoint master Current development snapshot download browse
midPoint 3.5 (Einstein) Governance features, self-registration, JSON/YAML download browse Dec 21st 2016
midPoint 3.4.1 (Heisenberg Update 1) AD/LDAP powershell support, minor features and improvements download browse Sep 13th 2016
midPoint 3.4 (Heisenberg) Governance (access certification), major GUI improvements download browse Jun 24th 2016
midPoint 3.3.1 (Lincoln Update 1) Multi-domain AD, many minor improvements download browse Apr 7th 2016
midPoint 3.3 (Lincoln) Improved look and feel, usability download browse Dec 1st 2015
midPoint 3.2 (Tycho) LDAP and internal improvements, governance preview download browse Aug 5th 2015
midPoint 3.1.1 (Sinan Update 1) Lookup tables, GUI improvements download browse Apr 24th 2015
midPoint 3.1 (Sinan) Resource wizard, many improvements download browse Feb 2nd 2015
midPoint 3.0.1 (Newton Update 1) Maintenance Release download browse Nov 7th 2014
midPoint 3.0 (Newton) Generic sync, entitlements, authorizations download browse Jun 1st 2014
midPoint 2.2.1 (Crius Update 1) Maintenance Release download browse Jan 28th 2014
midPoint 2.2 (Crius) Workflow, matching rules download browse Sep 6th 2013
midPoint 2.1.1 (Coeus Update 1) Maintenance Release download Mar 4th 2013
midPoint 2.1 (Coeus) Attribute mapping, organizational structure download Dec 10th 2012
midPoint 2.0 (Rhea) Full Production Release download Jun 20th 2012
midPoint 1.10 (Phoebe) Small Production Release download Feb 7th 2012
midPoint 1.9 (Cronus) Pre-production Release download Oct 21th 2011
midPoint 1.8 (Hyperion) Pre-production Release download Aug 8th 2011
midPoint 1.7 (Prometheus) Technology Preview Release download May 18th 2011