Sun IDM Migration Architecture

Sun Identity Manager a.k.a. Oracle Waveset is a software product at the end of its lifecycle. Yet many organizations still operate Sun IDM solution because they haven’t found any reasonable migration path. But now there is a migration path that leads to the most comprehensive open source IDM solution: Evolveum midPoint. In the previous two posts I have described the obstacles and motivation of Sun IDM migration. It is quite clear that major migration obstacles are the cost and the risk. However, we have successfully addressed both of these obstacles. The cost is addressed by the unprecedented deployment efficiency of Evolveum midPoint. Yet it is the risk that is usually the worst issue for any migration of any software system. But due to the flexibility of Evolveum midPoint we have managed to keep migration risk at a very acceptable level. And this post describes the details of our solution. […]

OpenLDAP Management: slapdconf

I like OpenLDAP. OpenLDAP server is famous for its speed and good open source character. But it is really infamous for ease of management. Or rather a lack of anything that could be called “easy” when it comes to managing OpenLDAP. Managing OpenLDAP content is not that difficult. For manual management there is excellent Apache Read more about OpenLDAP Management: slapdconf[…]