Request Access Workshop Summary

Requesting new access by users or their managers is a common use case in many organizations. While this feature was available even in older versions of midPoint, it was simple and not very user-friendly. Listening to our customers and redesigning the whole feature and user interface brought us a much better user experience and configuration Read more about Request Access Workshop Summary[…]

Evolveum’s Journey to the TIIME Unconference: MidPoint Working Group

As a newbie eager to dive into the world of identity management, going on my first conference trip with Evolveum at the MidPoint Working Group  was an exciting experience. I am always encouraged by the exchange of ideas, the discovery of new trends, and the opportunity to meet new people. Recently, Evolveum had the honor Read more about Evolveum’s Journey to the TIIME Unconference: MidPoint Working Group[…]

Unlocking Accessibility in MidPoint Webinar Summary

Accessibility is gaining increased attention worldwide, and we appreciate the growing awareness. We’re determined not to lag behind, aiming to propel midPoint to new heights. The beauty lies in our differences, underscoring the paramount importance of inclusivity in environmental development. Starting from version 4.8, our focus has intensified on dismantling barriers within midPoint, making it Read more about Unlocking Accessibility in MidPoint Webinar Summary[…]

MidPoint with Ninja Webinar Summary

Upgrading midPoint deployment is quite complex and tedious task that requires a lot of preparation, planning and manual work. Even before the upgrade itself started. Analysis of existing configuration, data and customizations is necessary to understand the impact of the upgrade. With midPoint 4.8 we have introduced a new set of features to our tool Read more about MidPoint with Ninja Webinar Summary[…]

Statement: MidPoint Release Changes

MidPoint is an open source identity management and governance platform, that has been consistently improving for more than a decade. Each midPoint release has brought new and exciting features and improvements, setting a trend that we plan to maintain. At the same time, midPoint has become a significant software product. Since we are adding new Read more about Statement: MidPoint Release Changes[…]

Elevate Your Expertise: Free Training Exclusively for MidPoint Subscribers

Evolveum understands that Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) can be a complex landscape to navigate. Many individuals face challenges in grasping the nuances of IGA and struggle to find a solution that aligns with their needs. That is why Evolveum team decided to simplify the concept and shed light on how midPoint can solve your Read more about Elevate Your Expertise: Free Training Exclusively for MidPoint Subscribers[…]

MidPoint’s First Steps Methodology

MidPoint is a comprehensive, feature-rich identity management and governance platform. Since its beginnings, it was meant to be very flexible and customizable via configuration to allow various types of deployments. The flexibility, however, also brings complexity. Deployment challenges were often caused by the systems being integrated and their identity data. Even if midPoint features are Read more about MidPoint’s First Steps Methodology[…]

Simulations Webinar Summary

Traditionally, the midPoint deployment process was quite an adventurous endeavor. Many of us remember those moments of excitement waiting for a task to finish, just to see all the damage it caused. Fortunately, in April 2023, midPoint 4.7 “Johnson” brought about the Simulations feature that relieved us from those dreadful experiences. Instead, it allows us Read more about Simulations Webinar Summary[…]

Resource Wizard in MidPoint 4.8

In mid-October we released midPoint 4.8 “Curie”. In this version we threw out the old unusable Resource Wizard that contained multiple configurations in one panel, multiple pop-ups, and kept opening a new configuration panel in the open configuration panel. We implemented a new Resource Wizard that emphasized simplicity, usability, and interactivity. In the webinar that Read more about Resource Wizard in MidPoint 4.8[…]

Convenient Evolveum Docs Exploration with the Latest Enhancements

When it comes to software development, the importance of documentation cannot be stressed enough. It is essential to help the community understand how things work and how to make them work the best way. Guided by this, at Evolveum we aim to provide not only properly written and maintained documentation, but also make it convenient Read more about Convenient Evolveum Docs Exploration with the Latest Enhancements[…]