Why You Should Upgrade Your MidPoint Installation

Not so long ago, I had the opportunity to upgrade midPoint from a long unsupported version to the latest LTS version. It was quite an experience, especially because most of the time, I was actually writing the software, but not maintaining or upgrading it. There are many benefits when you upgrade your software, however, the Read more about Why You Should Upgrade Your MidPoint Installation[…]

Evolveum Teambuilding: Connecting with Nature

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business world, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork among employees is vital for the success of any organization, especially in the dynamic landscape of the IT industry. Recognizing the significance of team cohesion, Evolveum recently organized a memorable teambuilding event in the picturesque setting of Martinske Hole, Slovakia. Read more about Evolveum Teambuilding: Connecting with Nature[…]

Evolveum Docs: New Search and Recently Modified Pages

Evolveum Docs: New Search and Recently Modified Pages

As Robert Noyce once said, knowledge is power and knowledge shared is power multiplied. When it comes to midPoint, there’s no better place to learn about it than Evolveum docs. Being aligned with fundamental open source principles, and therefore available to everyone, this place offers a large variety of resources one can quite easily get Read more about Evolveum Docs: New Search and Recently Modified Pages[…]

The 2023 European Identity & Cloud Conference from a technical perspective

The 2023 European Identity & Cloud Conference From a Technical Perspective

I always enjoy participating in conferences. The number of ideas shared through presentations, demos, and conversations is overwhelming. Additionally, having the option to discuss your ideas with intelligent people from the industry is priceless. The 2023 European Identity & Cloud Conference was no exception, since I gathered many inputs and had various discussions with the Read more about The 2023 European Identity & Cloud Conference From a Technical Perspective[…]

Evolveum as a Silver Sponsor at the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2023

The Evolveum team, Igor Farinic (CEO), Katarina Bolemant (Development Team Leader), Anna Ogurekova (Sales, Marketing and Partnerships Team Leader),  Slavek Licehammer (Identity Governance Strategist), Viliam Repan (Senior Java Developer), Simona Buckova Simkova (Sales and Partnerships Representative), and Veronika Kolpascikova (Marketing Specialist), went to the Berlin conference full of excitement. As the only exhibitor with a Read more about Evolveum as a Silver Sponsor at the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2023[…]

MidPoint 4.7 "Johnson"

MidPoint 4.7 “Johnson”

MidPoint 4.7 has been released. It is code-named Johnson after Katherine Johnson because of its most important feature – simulations. With simulations feature midPoint can predict results of future operations. It can provide basic what-if analysis and so reduce concerns about harming the production data. Hand in hand with simulations, object marks can be used. Read more about MidPoint 4.7 “Johnson”[…]

Introducing MidAI

Attention all midPoint users and enthusiasts! We have some exciting news to share with you. We have decided to take a bold step forward. Starting from today, midPoint, the leading open source identity management and governance platform, will be supported and developed by an artificial intelligence (AI) technology named midAI that we’ve been developing over Read more about Introducing MidAI[…]

Live Demo Upgrade to MidPoint 4.6

MidPoint is continually evolving. Each version brings new features, additional customization, user interface improvements, and other innovations. Our team is doing its best to keep people informed about all the options that midPoint offers by providing documentation, release notes, organizing webinars, and last but not least, having the midPoint live demo. The demo has a Read more about Live Demo Upgrade to MidPoint 4.6[…]

Why Is Open Source Cool?

Recently I have modified multiple resources after the upgrade of a midPoint deployment to 4.4 LTS. I wanted to replace legacy $user and $account variables with $focus and $projection, or even omit the variables where they are the default context. Alas, I got overzealous and I also accidentally removed variables where they are necessary. The Read more about Why Is Open Source Cool?[…]

MidPoint as Part of the Complex IT Landscape

Digital transformation and evolution introduced new processes to businesses, and even the existing processes have become more complex and interconnected throughout companies’ infrastructures. In a regulatory controlled environment, there are additional information security requirements together with legal and compliance policies resulting in even more complex processes and workflows. One of the most important factors for Read more about MidPoint as Part of the Complex IT Landscape[…]