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Go with the best. Join hundreds of organizations that have tried and trust midPoint, the open source leader in Identity Governance and Administration. Choose what fits you: run midPoint in the cloud, the hybrid cloud or on-premise.


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Experience a pragmatic identity scale with midPoint


Create a secure and efficient work environment in every phase of the identity lifecycle


Manage academic staff, students and alumni, and aggregate the data smoothly


Enable a seamless customer experience throughout the applications

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What you get with midPoint

Highly Scalable Identity Governance and Administration

Accelerate your security and efficiency with enhanced visibility, policing, synchronization, and identity management. Watch the IGA benefits scale as your organization grows.


Avoid unnecessary risks of crippling the system by seeing the impact of system changes before their implementation.

Role Mining

Simplify your access management and boost security by switching to a more organized business role-based model with AI algorithms and analytical techniques.

User Self-Service

Enhance the digital experience of the users by empowering them to enable self-service access requests, password resets, and profile management

The choice is yours

Deploy midPoint the way that fits your needs


Enjoy the scalability and comfort midPoint in the cloud brings. Save valuable time and human resources by engaging third party experts to take care of the seamless operation.


Get the most out of the synergy: deploy midPoint on-premises with a private or a public cloud. Shift the data flexibly among the locations exactly according to your needs.


Stay in full control of identity data by means of deploying midPoint on your premises. Access midPoint without relying on any external factors at any time you like.


Use midPoint with your favorite apps

Explore midPoint’s countless connectivity possibilities in cloud, hybrid or on premise across various systems including Active Directory, Office 365 and Google Workspace

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Benefits in digits

Let's talk some numbers

A 70% reduction

in security audit costs achieved in small banks

100 staff days

can be saved by automating manual processes with 100,000 identities annually

Every 5th

organization is replacing their current IGA solution with open source

Trust gained through stability

See why organizations choose Evolveum

Professional open source

Download midPoint for free, test if before adoption, and enjoy its publicly available documentation. If you find yourself in need of professional support, we’ve got your back with our paid services.

Here for you since 2011

Go with the tried and trusted IGA platform used by small and big organizations alike all around the world, many of whom have been with us for more than a decade.

No license fee software

Count with no initial costs affecting your project feasibility. MidPoint comes with zero license fees and a professional service pricing model adjustable to every organization.

You are in good hands

Trusted by organizations all around the world

MidPoint has helped organizations of all sizes and shapes boost their efficiency and security.

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