It's Evolveum's 10th Birthday

It’s Evolveum’s 10th Birthday

Ten years ago, a small team with a courageous vision, right skills and motivation came together to start an open source project. Right on this day, such effort was followed by establishing an open source company with a resonant name: Evolveum. Being on our own and starting from the bottom, we have experienced good times Read more about It’s Evolveum’s 10th Birthday[…]

Establishing Evolveum

Establishing Evolveum

We were starting up a new company in 2011. We had with very little money and limited business experience. However, we had a good team, a vision and a code. The experts would say that starting up a company based on engineering, with no sales, no marketing and no rich investors equals a suicide. Yet, a decade later, we are still here, more successful than ever. We have built up a sustainable business based on open source. […]

Evolveum and kayaking

Defeating Wild Waters With Evolveum: Stanovsky Brothers’ Story

Hello All! We are two Stanovsky brothers doing Kayak sports. We are training together with our father as a coach. For us it is not just sport but a passion. Canoe Slalom is truly dynamic and attractive sport for spectators. For us it is the most beautiful and challenging one. We love to get in Read more about Defeating Wild Waters With Evolveum: Stanovsky Brothers’ Story[…]

Working remotely at Evolveum

Working remotely at Evolveum: isolate physically, not mentally

Stay at home they said, it will be fun they said. And they were right! Due to current situation in the world, it is better to self-isolate. Luckily, as the character of our work allows us to do so, the Evolveum team used this opportunity to stay at home. Instead of enjoying friendly atmosphere of Read more about Working remotely at Evolveum: isolate physically, not mentally[…]

Evolveum and RSA Conference 2020

RSA Conference 2020 and the Human Element

Few weeks ago we attended RSA Conference, the biggest cyber security conference in the world. The conference took the whole week starting on Monday February 24th and ending up in the afternoon of February 28th with the great Penn & Teller show. It was exhausting but rich week during which we got a lot of Read more about RSA Conference 2020 and the Human Element[…]