Unlocking Accessibility in MidPoint Webinar Summary

Accessibility is gaining increased attention worldwide, and we appreciate the growing awareness. We’re determined not to lag behind, aiming to propel midPoint to new heights. The beauty lies in our differences, underscoring the paramount importance of inclusivity in environmental development.

Starting from version 4.8, our focus has intensified on dismantling barriers within midPoint, making it progressively more user-friendly. Thanks to the NGI0 (Zero) initiative, we’ve collaborated with the remarkable individuals at HAN University of Applied Sciences. Together, we’re steering accessibility in midPoint in the right direction. In the initial phase, they highlighted fundamental issues, crucial for enhancing the experience of screen reader users.

Explore our webinar for insights into WCAG, the significance of accessibility, the outcomes of our initial midPoint environment analysis, and the steps taken to address challenges. Witness firsthand how a screen reader can now navigate the midPoint environment more effectively.

Watch the webinar recording or take a look at the presentation.

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