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Choosing midPoint brings more than the answers to your identity management and governance needs. It comes with something no commercial product can compete with: the community. Join our community of technology enthusiasts, users, partners, and subscribers whose commitment helps make midPoint the open source IGA platform of tomorrow. Follow the open source principle of Sharing is Caring: the more you give, the more you get.

Hall of fame

The top midPoint’s contributors

Hiroyuki Wada

Lord of the Connectors

Ethan Kromhout

Helping Hand of the Community

Ján Mokráček

Pro Jira Issues Submitter

Martin Lízner

Tester Beyond Compare

Petr Gašparík

Grand Master of Translations

Fabian Noll-Dukiewicz

MidPoint Social Media Influencer

Photo by Kathleen Friedrich

Martin Douglas

The Devoutest MidPoint Evangelist

Ján Marcin

Feature Test Master

Last update: autumn 2022

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Choose your way of making midPoint even better

Participate in development

Extend midPoint’s functionality by making new features and help keep midPoint frictionless by fixing bugs.

Join the translation team

At the moment, midPoint has been translated into 20 languages. Take part in making midPoint available for everyone even more.

Configure new samples

Have you created your own midPoint configuration samples that could be useful for others too? Share them with the community.

Develop a connector

Do you have what it takes to develop a connector? Expand midPoint’s connectors list.

Write a test for a new feature or bug

Improve midPoint by providing tests of various scope: write story tests with specific use cases or cover particular issues.

Answer community questions

Is your midPoint knowledge deep enough to help others? Answer mailing list questions and enjoy the community’s appreciation.

Extend operations manual

Contribute to the operations manual and help guide others in solving the most common issues of operating and deploying midPoint.

Share your story

Let others know about your experience with midPoint by composing or sharing your existing case study, providing a testimonial or giving a public reference.

Enter a partnership

Become Evolveum’s partner in delivering midPoint solutions and provide professional services with Evolveum’s support.

Become a subscriber

Activate one of the Support Subscriptions and support midPoint’s continuous maintenance and development in doing so.


Useful community tools

MidPoint Studio

Develop solutions based on midPoint with the integrated development environment designed to create and maintain its configurations seamlessly.


Generate the documentation from midPoint configuration objects with this tool easily and conveniently in asciidoc or HTML format.

Schrödinger Framework

Test the midPoint user interface in a user-friendly and maintainable way while hiding the details of the GUI look and feel design from the tester.

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