What we do

Evolveum is Central Europe-based organization offering the most comprehensive open source product called midPoint uniquely combining identity management (IDM) and governance features. MidPoint is used across the globe by a variety of organizations that realize the criticality of identity management and identity governance. To be closer to customers all around the world, Evolveum is building a robust partner network that provides customers with midPoint solution with Evolveum backup.

Our culture

Evolveum is a company devoted to create unusual things. We engineer things that help other people do their jobs, protect what needs to be protected, things that make life easier. Most of all, we create things that work. Practical and useful things. We do not keep them just to ourselves. We share the products of our work freely with the rest of the world. Things we have created are based on the work of those that came before us. We hope our work will inspire those following us. Great things can only be achieved by cooperation. Our work is motivated by four fundamental values. Technological excellence, sustainable business, enjoyable work and social responsibility.


Decision to choose a product and replace it by a different one is usually driven by innovation needs. Every organization must be coming up with new ideas that would keep their success and competitiveness on the market. As we understand well this important point of organization’s life cycle, we develop and engineer product capable of continual uniqueness. It helps to do things easier, increase security, present important information by reporting, lower information leakage and save operation expenses.

Crucial condition of being innovative on the outside, is being innovative from the inside. Minds of all team members are full of creative thoughts. The only limitation is their own imagination. We are all trying to think ahead. We are trying to do things better, improving the old, changing it, adapting to the outside world. We are growing and aiming to get better with every step we make. We believe steps we are making are leading us towards successful tomorrows.



If needed, you can work from home as long as your work is effective and communication with the team is maintained.


We have internal as well as external continuous trainings for our team members to easier meet goals.


We participate on foreign and local events. This live face-to-face setting with experts from our field has positive impact on results.

Thought-provoking projects

Opportunity to deal with unusual and challenging tasks and projects supporting personal and work skills growth

Member of efficient team

Everybody is craving for creating something big with a chance to showcase your talent and new ideas.

Friendly environment

Office full of friendly and talented people motivating each other, we create fun and stress-free work environment.


We always find a time for a little fun, building a team spirit, develop positivity at workplace and encourage creativity among us.

Office library

We support and provide office library our team members to be informed and educated, to carry same standard of excellence.

Rather than asking what benefits you are getting, participate on creating them.

We are team

Current openings

In case of any other questions please contact us at jobs@evolveum.com