Evolveum's holiday season gift no.2

Holiday Season Gift From Evolveum: To Watch and Learn

As we announced via newsletter, mailing list and social media, we have set a goal to make this holiday season special for you. That is why last week we published 2.1 of Practical Identity Management with MidPoint containing one new chapter dedicated to organizational structures. In this spirit, we are ready to share another surprise Read more about Holiday Season Gift From Evolveum: To Watch and Learn[…]

midPoint book: chapter 5

MidPoint Book: Chapter 5

More than a year ago we have published the first version of a book about midPoint. It was our Christmas present to midPoint community. Although the book is not finished yet, we have decided to publish it anyway. The book follows the same evolutionary approach as midPoint development does. It is improving its incremental steps. And now it is time for the next step. Therefore we have published new version of the book with a brand new chapter. […]