MidPoint in Higher Education: Orgs, Roles and Relations

MidPoint in Higher Education: Orgs, Roles and Relations

Disclaimer: This particular blog post contains advanced configuration options for midPoint. It might be difficult to understand all the details for those without experience with midPoint. The first MidPoint in Higher Education blog post gave us a brief overview of the possible complexity of identity management in the higher education environment. Therefore today we can Read more about MidPoint in Higher Education: Orgs, Roles and Relations[…]

Evolveum: data provenance workshop results

Data Provenance Workshop Results

Phase 1 of midPrivacy project is almost complete now. Even though it is ongoing for only half of a year, we managed to discover a lot about metadata processing. Some of it we have implemented into the midPoint code, but we have also realized the problem is more complex than we have thought at the Read more about Data Provenance Workshop Results[…]

MidPoint in Higher Education: Archetypes

MidPoint in Higher Education: Archetypes

In the introductory blog about midPoint in higher education I promised that the next blog post would be about relations and organizational units. It is taking a bit longer to finalize, but hopefully it will be worth it. In the meantime, let us examine the possible uses of archetypes in midPoint. Primary purpose of archetypes Read more about MidPoint in Higher Education: Archetypes[…]

Evolveum: midPoint in higher ed

MidPoint in Higher Education: Introduction

MidPoint follows several design principles. One from the main is flexibility. MidPoint will never push you to change your infrastructure or even your world perception. Quite the contrary, it will give you enough flexibility to model the surrounding world precisely as you seem fit. This principle is great and not-that-great at the same time. Obviously, Read more about MidPoint in Higher Education: Introduction[…]

midPrivacy survey

MidPrivacy Features Survey

midPrivacy project is moving forward at a steady pace. Even though the main effort is still aimed towards the project’s fundamental foundation like Axiom, we are getting to the phase of first experiments on simple use cases. That will eventually lead to tests on more realistic use cases which will consequently lead to new features Read more about MidPrivacy Features Survey[…]