Evolveum - MSA And SOW: Part i

Open Source and Contracts: MSA and SOW, Part I

In today’s digital era probably everybody of us knows that source code of the Open Source Software (OSS) is publicly available. A good example is GitHub platform. And most of us know where to find such code’s conditions of use. However, what will happen if we need development of new features or qualified and effective Read more about Open Source and Contracts: MSA and SOW, Part I[…]

Collections And Views

There are many new features in midPoint 4.0, code-named “Gutenberg”. Archetype functionality is one of the big new things. Archetypes allow to divide objects to a very fine types with customized look and behavior. However, there is almost infinite ways how to sort and present objects. Archetypes would not be enough on their own. Therefore there is a companion feature that is focused on customized grouping and presentation of objects: collections and view.