20th May 2015

midPoint: Innovation and efficiency

In a highly competitive environment the quality, precision and innovation are the key factors for organizations to stay ahead instead of falling behind. Choosing strong, reliable solution providers today will influence your tomorrow. At Evolveum we understand such needs and as an answer we created midPoint, a unique open source solution seamlessly combining identity management and identity governance.

The main midPoint’s philosophy is to be effective and secure. When managing identities, simplifying and automating internal processes while keeping a high level of security is a must. Thanks to the professional approach of the Evolveum core team, midPoint became a scalable product with a range from smaller deployments to millions of identities. MidPoint’s uniqueness stands on following aspects:


Every organization is different. Understanding individual needs of the organizations led us to the creation of an advanced customizable solution. MidPoint is designed not only for organizations requiring development and support activities, but also technologically experienced and skilled teams with intention to build the complete IDM solution independently. With numerous solution providers such product customization is usually followed by a warranty loss. However, we are ready to encourage specific needs of the organizations and provide professional streamline support channel answering by developers as well as maintenance of the particular product.


Thanks to our intense development activities, midPoint has been keeping its reputation of a technologically innovative solution for years. The main factors are its open source character and the dedication of Evolveum’s professional team with an emphasis on always keeping the product customizable, maintainable and upgradable. Another significant factor is the participation of subscribers and their privilege to influence the product roadmap. With 2 releases annually, midPoint has been exponentially growing in functionality, going above the market demands.


Our timeless open source model allows us a completely transparent approach towards the world, leading to the documentation and source code being open for public. MidPoint has a constantly growing vibrant engineering and business community built on cooperation as well as experience and knowledge sharing. Based on such principles and joining our effort, we all together – the subscribers, partners and enthusiasts contribute to better future, making midPoint unique innovative advanced solution.

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