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There are various ways to get to know midPoint. Choose the one that fits you the best.

Live demo


Explore midPoint effortlessly via a live demonstration of its typical enterprise deployment with all the necessary systems.

Easy installation

From 30 min

Use our step-by-step Quickstart guide to swiftly install and run midPoint, a Docker image, or a distribution package. If you're experienced enough, install midPoint from the source code.

First steps with midPoint

Takes 3 days

Follow our simplified midPoint deployment methodology that will guide you to the quick deployment of simple midPoint configurations.

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The next step on your midPoint journey

Proceed with the installation

Experience midPoint’s advanced IGA functionality with the full installation. Install midPoint as a server on a virtual machine or physical hardware. Run midPoint in a Docker container in just two simple steps. Or, if your experience allows it, install midPoint from the source code. Do you need help with evaluating if midPoint is capable of your desired use cases? Leverage a special introductory service by Evolveum or our partners. Choose the most appropriate method for your environment using one of the following:

  • Docker image

  • Distribution package

  • Source code

Configure midPoint in 3 steps

Follow simple methodology for a quick midPoint deployment. Start your iterative identity management program to get the desired outcome in a series of small steps of connecting new systems, cleaning up data, and automating processes. Move forward even faster by gaining valuable knowledge through training (if you are an Evolveum subscriber, request access to a self-paced training free of charge at today).

  • First steps methodology documentation

  • First steps methodology video

Boost your knowledge

Broaden your midPoint knowledge and configuration possibilities with publicly available documentation. Use the book and video tutorials as a compass on your identity adventure, or take a shortcut with midPoint training led by an experienced Evolveum mentor.

  • Video tutorials

  • The book

  • Documentation

  • Training

Simplify your work with wizards

Avoid complexity and enjoy low code autonomy when configuring midPoint. Add new resources in a speedy and simple way with the Resource Wizard. Experience simple access requests for you and your colleagues with the Request Access Wizard. Create application and business roles and assign them to users in a simplified way with the Role Wizard.

  • Resource Wizard documentation

  • Resource Wizard video

  • Request Access Wizard

  • Role Wizard

make the most of midPoint

We’ve got your back

Make the best of your IGA midPoint experience by subscribing to support to ensure you have a partner and Evolveum by your side.