Simulations Webinar Summary

Traditionally, the midPoint deployment process was quite an adventurous endeavor. Many of us remember those moments of excitement waiting for a task to finish, just to see all the damage it caused. Fortunately, in April 2023, midPoint 4.7 “Johnson” brought about the Simulations feature that relieved us from those dreadful experiences. Instead, it allows us to safely preview the results of actions using either the production configuration or the configuration currently being developed.

In the webinar that took place on December 7, 2023, we described the motivation for simulations, business benefits, and some basic terms like the distinction between real and simulated executions and the production and development configurations. The short demo explained how to run simulated reconciliations and how to interpret the results, both in the midPoint GUI and in a spreadsheet application using reports. Then we talked about the customization of simulation metrics using event marks as well as custom metrics. Metric aggregation was discussed too. We showed some tips and tricks related to replacing configuration items and avoiding pitfalls when using custom low-level code. Finally, current limitations and planned future enhancements were shown.

Watch the webinar recording or take a look at the presentation.

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