About Us – Meet identity management & GRC professionals

Evolveum® is focused on professional open source development of a leading Identity and Access Management solutions. Evolveum was established by several independent IT professionals. Evolveum core team is an unique combination of experienced software engineers, identity and access management experts and progressive business-oriented minds. The company’s vision is to dramatically improve the field of Identity and Access Management (IAM) by creating and maintaining state-of-the-art professional open source products.

Most of the Evolveum core team is situated in central Europe. However, the products or our work and our expertise are distributed all around the world by the network of our partners, contributors and users. In this way Evolveum is currently present in a significant part of the world.

Together we create a strong team

Igor Farinic             Igor Farinic Chief Executive Officer Radovan Semancik                        Radovan Semancik Architect, Java Developer & Identity Engineer Katarina Valalikova                        Katarina Valalikova Java Developer & Identity Engineer Kate Honchar                    Kate Honchar Java Developer Martina Benckova            Martina Benckova Relationship & Project Manager Veronika Kolpascikova                         Veronika Kolpascikova Chief Marketing Officer Juraj Benculak Juraj Benculak Corporate lawyer Pavol Mederly                      Pavol Mederly Senior Java Developer & Identity Engineer Viliam Repan                        Viliam Repan Senior Java Developer & Identity Engineer Ivan Noris                        Ivan Noris Senior Identity Engineer, Senior Tester Gustav Palos                  Gustav Palos Identity Engineer Kristian Suchanovsky              Kristian Suchanovsky Java Developer & Junior Identity Engineer Matus Macik              Matus Macik Java Developer & Identity Engineer Slavomir Surmanek            Slavomir Surmanek Java Developer & Junior Identity Engineer Lukas Skublik         Lukas Skublik Java Developer & Junior Identity Engineer Patrik Pilisi  Patrik Pilisi Junior Identity Engineer