Happy New Year 2021

We wish you a Happy New Year 2021! We have big plans for this year, including major midPoint improvements and next LTS midPoint release.

Last year was really challenging. Even though 2021 is not going to be easy, there are high hopes. Of course, the pandemic and the economic crisis affects everyone including us, but we are doing our best to carry on and work hard. We definitely have some ambitious plans for this year.

Firstly, there is a midScale project aimed towards major improvements in midPoint scalability. The project is still in an early phase, yet we have some designs and results already. We plan to make some bold changes in important midPoint components, therefore we will be conducting a survey soon to gather community feedback. MidScale is planned to deliver some results in midPoint 4.3, however the most significant results are expected in midPoint 4.4.

Speaking of midPoint 4.4, it is planned to be next long-term support (LTS) release. Obviously, there are expectations – and responsibilities. The 4.4 LTS release is supposed to be more stable and well tested. We are already working on a new testing environment for midPoint. The 4.4 LTS has to live at least until 2024.

Last year also brought some news, especially MidPoint Studio. The Studio has proven to be a very useful tool already, and we definitely plan to continue working on it this year. We also plan documentation updates, mostly to make the documentation easier to navigate, lowering the entry barrier. MidPoint community is growing, and we want to support you as much as we can.

We are also looking further ahead, beyond midPoint 4.4 LTS. We are working on a vision for midPoint 5, also preparing development projects that should extend midPoint capabilities to new areas. This is likely to take more concrete shape during this year. Therefore please stay tuned. Hopefully, more news will come in next few months.

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