It’s Evolveum’s 10th Birthday

Ten years ago, a small team with a courageous vision, right skills and motivation came together to start an open source project. Right on this day, such effort was followed by establishing an open source company with a resonant name: Evolveum.

Being on our own and starting from the bottom, we have experienced good times as well as bad times. Many things changed on our journey and many moved us forward. A decade of development effort seemed to be worth every second and all the risks we underwent were worth it: midPoint has transformed from a small unknown open source product to globally deployed and recognized open source identity leader.

We got this far thanks to you, our community, partners and customers, who believed and supported our goal. We would like to thank you for taking your part in it.

Move back in time and have a look at important moments from Evolveum’s and midPoint’s history in this brief video:

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