New Midpoint Video Tutorial: Chapter VI and VII

In December we have started midPoint tutorial series inspired by chapters of the Book. We are now extending this series by adding 2 new videos dedicated to schema and role-based access control (RBAC).

MidPoint Tutorial, Chapter VI: Schema
MidPoint is designed as a schema-aware system. All the objects that midPoint works with are completely defined by the schema, which brings significant advantages such as data presentation. This tutorial explains what schema is, how to add attribute into it and work with it.

MidPoint Tutorial, Chapter VII: Role-Based Access Control
RBAC principles are present in almost all identity management systems and midPoint is not an exception. MidPoint supports all the usual RBAC features and even goes beyond traditional RBAC. This tutorial will teach you about RBAC in midPoint and show you numerous examples of working with a role.

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