MidPoint Book 2.0

Long-awaited book Practical Identity Management with MidPoint is here in a brand new version 2.0. Fresh from the virtual printing press. There are significant extensions and updates.

There are four new chapters on 125 new pages, making the book 300 pages long. The book was completely reviewed, some existing parts were extended and all the examples were updated to midPoint 4.0 standards. Four new chapters are:

  • Schema chapter describes built-in midPoint data structures as well as mechanisms used to extend the schema.
  • Role-Based Access Control chapter explains the RBAC mechanism in midPoint. It talks about roles, assignments and inducements. The bread and butter of almost all complex midPoint deployments.
  • Object Templates chapter provides overview of internal data management mechanisms in midPoint. Obviously, object templates are explained here. But there is also a discussion about role autoassignment.
  • Troubleshooting chapter is all about problem-solving. MidPoint diagnostic mechanisms are described here as well as procedures and practices to troubleshoot midPoint configuration issues.

The book can be downloaded for free and used under the terms of Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license.

The 2.0 version is the first semi-complete release of the book. It starts with IAM theory. And it ends with a small but quite complete identity management deployment. However, the book is not finished yet. There is still a huge amount of things to write down. But even this small step is likely to move midPoint community forward.

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