Holiday Season Gift From Evolveum: To Watch and Learn

As we announced via newsletter, mailing list and social media, we have set a goal to make this holiday season special for you. That is why last week we published 2.1 of Practical Identity Management with MidPoint containing one new chapter dedicated to organizational structures.

In this spirit, we are ready to share another surprise with you. Or to be more exact, three surprises. When creating second holiday season gift for you, our partners and community, we relied on the quote „Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times“. That is why we bring you three videos demonstrating The Book automation via Docker based on docker-compose files (available here, directory: book). The videos will guide you through midPoint deployment and overview, resources and mappings, and synchronization. Each of them will show you how easy setting up such processes in midPoint can be.

MidPoint Tutorial, Part I: Deployment and Overview

MidPoint Tutorial, Part II: Resources and Mappings

MidPoint Tutorial, Part III: Synchronization

If you found the videos useful, let us know by pressing like or following our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for our next surprise that will be announced on our blog, mailing list and social media!

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