MidPoint Book 2.2

The midPoint book Practical Identity Management with MidPoint was just updated. It has been updated to match with the midPoint 4.4 LTS release. There is also a comprehensive glossary of IAM terms.

All the text, examples and pictures in the book were reviewed and updated to match midPoint 4.4. There have been significant improvements in midPoint over the years, which are now reflected in the book.

It has been seven years since we began to write the book. The world has changed in the meantime. The world is a very complex place now, which can be often quite confusing. Hence the glossary, to help the readers navigate the stormy waters of IAM letter soup. Also, the wording and descriptions of the introductory parts have been changed, to better reflect the reality of 2020s. As the world evolves, the book has to evolve too. We know that, we are Evolveum, after all.

The book can be downloaded for free and used under the terms of Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license.

The 2.2 version is still a semi-complete release of the book. It starts with IAM theory, and it ends with a small but quite complete identity management deployment. However, the book is still not finished. MidPoint is a very rich platform, and there is still a huge amount of things to write down. However, the book in its current form is a precious resource to start learning about the depth of the identity management and midPoint.

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