Happy New Year 2020!

New year is here and with it there is a new energy and new plans. There is a lot that we plan for 2020. This year is going to be exciting.

Fist and foremost there is the usual routine of midPoint development and releases. As usual, two feature releases of midPoint are planned for this year. MidPoint 4.1 is planned to be released in spring and midPoint 4.2 is planned for autumn. We have a lot of requests for development of midPoint functionality, therefore the roadmap for both releases is filling up already. Also, the 4.0.2 maintenance release is about to happen quite soon. This is fulfillment of our commitment for midPoint 4.0 long-term support.

But 2020 will not be just about the routine. Quite the contrary. We will need to make a lot of important design decisions quite early this year. We have to decide the future of midPoint repository, reporting, IDE and other components. Fortunately, you have told us what you would like to see in midPoint. And we will listen.

The next bit of news will probably cheer up the whole midPoint community. There will be a new release of midPoint book. There are four new chapters and the book is completely reviewed and updated for midPoint 4.0. This is our big gift to midPoint community. And it is coming very soon.

The exciting news is that Evolveum is growing. There are new people in our team, including two senior developers. We hope that this is going to help satisfy all the development requests that we are getting from our subscribers.

There are also events planned for 2020. The year will start with two significant events: TIIME in Vienna and RSA Conference in San Francisco. We will be there. While the RSA conference is obviously the glamorous one, it is the TIIME un-conference that may be quite important for midPoint community. We will be conducting a full day midPoint event in Vienna this year. This is going to be a chance to discuss the past, present and especially the future of midPoint.

Overall, we also plan improvements to our overall communication and to the way how we conduct our business. We will try to share more information with midPoint community, we would try to keep you updated about our plans and ambitions. Continuous streamlining of our business model and practices will go on this year. As we are Evolveum, we try to stay true to our name and continually evolve and improve whatever we do – whether it is technology, business or our general operations. And we hope that this year will be a year of great achievements both for us and also for the entire midPoint community.

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