Merry Christmas 2019


Another year is almost over. Year 2019 was a very demanding year, but it was a year full of great achievements. We have released midPoint 4.0, bootstrapped long-term support (LTS) program, global midPoint community met for the first time – and much more.

It is quite hard to enumerate all the things that we have done in 2019, all those improvements that we have made and all those bugs that we have fixed. We have participated in EU FOSSA2 bug bounty program that came with its own load of work. We have implemented a lot of new midPoint features, many of those are very innovative and some of them are quite unique and daring. But we are more than aware that midPoint is not just the technology. MidPoint is a living thing that is created and maintained by the people. Therefore we were very busy with innovations of our company. Thriving open source company is still quite a rare sight and therefore it is quite expected that Evolveum is not the most usual company on the market. We had to invent and re-invent a lot of things, we had to try various approaches to business. There are no tries without failures therefore, quite naturally, there were problems and failures. But we are moving on. One year older and, hopefully, one year wiser.

All of us in Evolveum would like to express our very special thanks to you – midPoint community. We are more than aware that we would not be able to create and maintain midPoint without you. We would like to thank you for your contributions, your feedback and suggestions. It is music to our ears to hear your praise of midPoint. But it is equally important to hear constructive criticism and we are very happy that we have such an open and honest community. You have expressed your opinions during the events that we have participated on, and you have shared your thoughts in midPoint survery. We would like to thank you all for your understanding and patience. We know that sometimes the cooperation is not entirely easy. But we also feel your passion, your support and your dedication. We are more than grateful for that because it is you who keep us on the right path to open source excellence.

But now, farewell 2019 and welcome 2020. There is a lot of work already planned for the next year. We will start the year with several new colleagues joining our team. There will be a midPoint community meetup early next year. We plan to have two feature releases of midPoint in 2020. We will be attending conferences and other community events. There is a lot to look forward to in 2020. May the next year be happy for all of us!

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