MidPoint on TIIME 2019 – Reserve the dates

If you are interested in meeting the midPoint people and you are in reach of Vienna, you probably want to reserve few days in February 2020 to attend the TIIME Workshop and Unconference. We will be there with a whole one day of midPoint-related discussions.

TIIME is an annual event that runs for many years already. It has a very unique atmosphere mostly based on informal discussions and a lot improvisation. This makes the experience very authentic and honest – which is very close to my heart. That is one of the reasons1 that we have decided to organize a one-day midPoint workshop before the main TIIME unconference. This is a chance to meet midPoint developers and engineers in person and have a lot of valuable discussions.

This looks like a very interesting week. We are conducting midPoint workshop on Monday. Then there is a track dedicated to opensource IAM software on Tuesday. This is a second year of this workshop and last year there was a very interesting mix of people from several open source IAM projects. I personally look forward to this. And then there are two main unconference days on Wednesday and Thursday. The unconference hosts a diverse mix of topics ranging from hardcore identity federation details through identity management to legal and policy stuff. The topics are completely controlled by the participants. Therefore it is very likely that more than a couple of time slots will be taken by topics related to IDM and midPoint.

TIIME is all about authenticity and improvisation, therefore it is quite natural that full agenda is not finished yet. The details will settle down in time. Therefore please take this as a suggestion to reserve the dates:

17.-20. February 2020, Vienna, Austria

MidPoint workshop will take place on Monday, 17th February 2020. However, the entire week is very interesting and I recommend to stay for all the workshops and main unconference. This is going to be fun. I’m looking forward to see you there.

1 The fact that TIIME workshop takes place “right next door” to our offices has absolutely nothing to do with it.

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