MidPoint User Group on TIIME 2020

This year midPoint will be on TIIME. That is Trust and Internet Identity Meeting Europe. It takes place in Vienna. We will be conducting a full-day user group meeting. This is something not to be missed.

MidPoint community is distributed all around the globe. Although we are in a virtual touch quite often, there is nothing as a direct personal discussion. Part of midPoint community met in Brussels last year, which was also the first global midPoint meetup. It was a great event with a lot of enlightening discussions. Unfortunately, the capacity of that event was limited and not everybody could get in. That event made us realize how important are those meetings. Therefore we have decided to try it again, but we will make the event completely open this time. And then there came the TIIME workshop, located in a very interesting city which is also very close to our home base. An ideal opportunity.

TIIME is a very interesting workshop based on an unconference format. It is small, very informal and welcoming environment. We took the opportunity to use one day before the main unconference to conduct a midPoint user group meeting. The agenda is very simple:


  • The state of midPoint by Radovan Semančík. I will be summarizing recent releases, development works and high-level plans for next releases. There are some important decisions to make and it looks like exciting time are ahead of us. There will be a lot to talk about.
  • What’s hot in midPoint by Katarína Valaliková. Katka will introduce new features of midPoint 4.0. She will also talk about recent development work on midPoint 4.1. Katka can show you midPoint 4.1 development fresh from the oven.


  • Discussions, talks and a bit of debate by everybody. TIIME is an unconference and we all love that format. Therefore we have decided that we will not set any fixed agenda for an afternoon. I’m quite sure that there will be a lot of questions and suggestions during the morning talks. Therefore we will take those topics and use them to create an agenda for afternoon. Completely improvised. Based on your demand and including your involvement. If you have anything worth sharing with midPoint community this will be your chance to do it. We have whole afternoon for that.

I’m really looking forward to this event. I would like to meet with you and have a lot of discussions. Katka and Igor will be there as well. And we will probably bring a couple more developers with us. There will be lot of opportunities to talk about midPoint.

The midPoint user group takes place on Monday 17th February. Admission to the one-day user group event is free. However, we more than recommend to stay for the entire TIIME unconference. There will be Open Source Identity and Access Management workshop on Tuesday. One full day of talks and discussions dedicated to open source IAM projects. Evolveum team will be there. Due to a strong improvisation spirit that is typical for TIIME the agenda for this OSS IAM workshop is not set yet. But judging from last year topics this can be a very interesting meeting indeed. Last year there were members from many projects, including OpenLDAP, Syncope, midPoint, ConnId, Apache Directory, WSO2 and CAS. And then there is a main unconference on Wednesday and Thursday. The content of unconference is almost completely created by the participants. We plan to participate and it is very likely that some of the content will be related to identity provisioning, governance, connectors or even midPoint. It is all up to you.

Come and join us 17th-20th of February in Vienna. We are really looking forward to meet you and have a lot of interesting discussions.

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