MidPoint Studio holiday season gift

Holiday Season Gift From Evolveum: MidPoint Studio

Not much time has passed since our previous holiday season gift, yet we cannot wait to share another one with you. We are releasing production-quality MidPoint Studio, the official integrated development environment (IDE) for midPoint! It is available for download here. For those who are not familiar with this project of ours, MidPoint Studio is Read more about Holiday Season Gift From Evolveum: MidPoint Studio[…]

Evolveum's holiday season gift no.2

Holiday Season Gift From Evolveum: To Watch and Learn

As we announced via newsletter, mailing list and social media, we have set a goal to make this holiday season special for you. That is why last week we published 2.1 of Practical Identity Management with MidPoint containing one new chapter dedicated to organizational structures. In this spirit, we are ready to share another surprise Read more about Holiday Season Gift From Evolveum: To Watch and Learn[…]

Evolveum: midPoint 4.2 webinar summary

MidPoint 4.2 Webinar Summary

A week ago we had a workshop about what’s new in midPoint 4.2. It was second workshop of this kind. At the beginning I was a little bit nervous, since it was the first time for me and I didn’t know what to expect, but I think it went quite smoothly. The overall attendance was Read more about MidPoint 4.2 Webinar Summary[…]

MidPoint Studio Beta

MidPoint Studio Beta

MidPoint may have started as a humble identity management tool, yet it has evolved into identity platform. MidPoint is comprehensive, flexible and customizable. MidPoint configurations can be quite complex and it may be a challenge to manage them. Therefore we have prepared an integrated development environment (IDE) to make this work easier: MidPoint Studio. We have just released its “beta” version. […]

Evolveum midPoint 4.2 Maxwell

midPoint 4.2 “Maxwell”

MidPoint 4.2 “Maxwell” has been released. It brings major improvements for data provenance, reports or auditing. Last but not least, it brings also many improvements for user interface, archetypes, autoassignments and repository. Considerable part of development cycle of midPoint 4.2 was dedicated for the project called midPrivacy. Its main goal was to look closer on Read more about midPoint 4.2 “Maxwell”[…]

Open Source Software in the European Union: EUIPO Study

Open Source Software in the European Union: EUIPO Study

Open source has become an integral part of business models in numerous organizations regardless of their size and age. For some, the reasons may be ideological, for some pragmatical: OSS brings strategic benefits related to wider spread of software and larger knowledge pool organizations can tap into. A recent study by EUIPO Observatory focusing on Read more about Open Source Software in the European Union: EUIPO Study[…]