MidPoint in Higher Education: Archetypes

MidPoint in Higher Education: Archetypes

In the introductory blog about midPoint in higher education I promised that the next blog post would be about relations and organizational units. It is taking a bit longer to finalize, but hopefully it will be worth it. In the meantime, let us examine the possible uses of archetypes in midPoint. Primary purpose of archetypes Read more about MidPoint in Higher Education: Archetypes[…]

Evolveum: midPoint in higher ed

MidPoint in Higher Education: Introduction

MidPoint follows several design principles. One from the main is flexibility. MidPoint will never push you to change your infrastructure or even your world perception. Quite the contrary, it will give you enough flexibility to model the surrounding world precisely as you seem fit. This principle is great and not-that-great at the same time. Obviously, Read more about MidPoint in Higher Education: Introduction[…]

A Throwback to TIIME 2019

A Throwback to TIIME 2019

Working from home became part of our life. Even if the measurements taken with current worldwide situation are less strict than before, some things are staying unreachable for now. One of them are conferences, even though some of them are adapting and transforming to online environment. The last one I managed to attend with Radovan Read more about A Throwback to TIIME 2019[…]

Evolveum Teambuilding in Košice

Teambuilding in Košice: From Behind the Screens to the Treetops

After long months of self isolation we are lucky to enjoy less strict measures taken against coronavirus. People are carefully getting back to more or less normal life. In Košice we used this opportunity in a quite unconventional way: instead of just meeting with everyone in the office, we went on an adventure up to Read more about Teambuilding in Košice: From Behind the Screens to the Treetops[…]

midPrivacy survey

MidPrivacy Features Survey

midPrivacy project is moving forward at a steady pace. Even though the main effort is still aimed towards the project’s fundamental foundation like Axiom, we are getting to the phase of first experiments on simple use cases. That will eventually lead to tests on more realistic use cases which will consequently lead to new features Read more about MidPrivacy Features Survey[…]