Introducing MidPoint Query Language: Simplifying Queries in MidPoint

Since version 4.8 midPoint fully supports new language for querying of objects – the MidPoint Query Language. The MidPoint Query Language marks a significant upgrade from the previous XML query language, offering a more intuitive way to query objects. It serves as the primary query language throughout midPoint, seamlessly replacing XML queries in both configuration Read more about Introducing MidPoint Query Language: Simplifying Queries in MidPoint[…]

Axiom Query Language Webinar Summary

Axiom Query Language Webinar Summary

MidPoint 4.3 “Faraday” introduced new query language, Axiom Query, which gives users powerful search capabilities directly in GUI, but can also be used in XML. The motivation was to create easy to understand language, which can be used across whole midPoint and enable more powerful queries without the need of writing XML filters. We were Read more about Axiom Query Language Webinar Summary[…]

Query playground

At many places in midPoint we can (and sometimes have to) specify queries in order to find one or more objects in the system. We do this e.g. when we want to restrict objects (like users, roles, resources or services) shown on the screen, when selecting objects that are to be included within a report, when specifying objects that are to be processed by a background task, when account owner is to be determined, or when assignment target is to be found. All of this is done via midPoint query language – abstract XML-based language that is designed to specify constraints on objects, and optionally paging and sorting instructions. This language is very powerful. The negative side of that power is complexity: it is quite hard to write (correct) queries by hand. Because of this, we’ve recently added a simple, yet helpful feature to midPoint: query playground.