TIIME 2020 Topics

MidPoint user group meeting on TIIME Workshop in Vienna is getting close. TIIME is an unconference with a lot of variability and improvisation. Nevertheless, we have prepared some topics for discussions.

We will start Monday morning with two presentations:

  • The state of midPoint by Radovan Semančík. I will summarize recent releases development works and plans for next releases. We will talk about roadmap and big things that are in our future.
  • What’s hot in midPoint by Katarína Valaliková. Katka will talk about the things we are working on now. She will provide some insights into our development process, planning, milestones and all the other insider information. This will be mostly about upcoming midPoint 4.1 release.

We have also prepared a couple of discussion topics for the afternoon:

  • Configuration management: midPoint configuration is XML/JSON/YAML. But it is stored in the database. How do we apply version control on that? How do we maintain configuration? How to make transfer of configuration from development to test environment easier? Are we missing some tooling here?
  • Deployment efficiency: Identity management field is notorious for long and difficult deployment projects with relatively high proportion of failed projects. It is partially caused by low quality of input data and general disorder in identity repositories. But can it be helped? Is there any way how to make IDM (and midPoint) deployment easier, faster and less risky? What would help you to make you more efficient? What features, improvements and tools are you missing?
  • Beyond the roadmap: Some parts of midPoint code are almost 10 years old. The world around us has moved quite a bit in that decade. It is quite natural that we need to rethink some of our original design decisions. The results of midPoint survey encouraged us to go ahead with those changes. Now we have rough idea about the future of midPoint, but no hard decisions have been made so far. We would like to discuss our ideas with midPoint user community and gain as much input as possible. We will need to make a lot of important decisions in a very near future and these decisions will define the future of midPoint for many years to come. We want to be sure that the decisions we make are the best we can possibly make.

TIIME is an unconference, and so is midPoint user group. Therefore, we want to leave a lot of space for topics suggested by you. We also plan some entertainment in the evening. TIIME workshop organizers have already reserved tables for all user groups at TIIME.

But the fun will not end on Monday. There are two interesting tracks on Tuesday: identity governance (IGA) and open source IAM (OSS IAM). I’m looking forward especially to the OSS IAM part. Agenda for that part is published already. There are going to be two interesting topics for midPoint community: ConnId framework and SCIM. There are also interoperability and testing discussions, discussions regarding open source business models and much more. I really look forward to this track.

Wednesday and Thursday is the main unconference. I guess there will be some follow-up discussions from first two days. We may want to continue those discussions with a broader audience. But we have already prepared proposals for two topics for the unconference:

  • Identity correlation and progressive user profiles: How do we correlate identities in case we do not have a reliable identifier? Our knowledge of user profile may also be very limited due to privacy and data protection. Do we need to build user profiles in a progressive way (on “as needed” basis)? Do we need to dynamically merge/split identities?
  • Impact of data protection and GDPR: GDPR is in force, but there is suspicious silence about it. How have you dealt with GDPR? How does it impact your organization? What are the problems? Are there any tools or processes that you are missing?

This is going to be a very interesting week. I hope that we can get good discussions and a lot of input from the community. Therefore, let’s meet at:

TIIME Workshop, 17th-20th February 2020, Vienna, Austria

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