Live IT Projects and Evolveum: where education meets practice

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela

All of us are hoping for better tomorrow. For the world, society or our children. Education is a great foundation upon which we can build the future. It is a lifelong process that not only determines the quality of an individual’s life, but also forms the society. It speeds up the development, boosts progress, brings positive changes and shapes values.

Uniting education with practice is a perfect way for students to gain valuable knowledge. In Slovakia, such opportunity is annually presented by Live IT Projects, a large-scale event where universities cooperate with IT companies. 47 unique projects participated and underwent tough evaluation this year. The students were challenged with technological as well as programming tasks and learnt teamwork, project management or agile software development. Evolveum didn’t miss the chance to be part of this wonderful event. Our students team worked on Stress-free employee time-off planner which was designed to help companies be more efficient in reporting the employees’ absence at work and in approval process eventually needed from the team leaders. The project managed to get to the top 12! We are very proud of the team and wish them a lot of success in their studies and future careers.

However, participating in Live IT Projects is not our first, nor last accomplishment of supporting the education. Evolveum approaches this goal quite actively: you could witness Radovan Semancik or Katarina Valalikova bringing light to IDM problematics on various university and open source events (full list including presentations here).

Our next stop is currently ongoing TIIME Workshop where you could meet midPoint developers as well as engineers in person and have a lot of interesting discussions. See you there!

Live IT Projects


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