Working with multi-tenant roles

When provisioning users in the multi-tenant environment, you have many organizations in your organization structure and your users belong to different organizations. Their access rights are combinations of roles AND tenants to which they belong. For example you can use a directory system, where users are provisioned, and assigned into groups, which are created and Read more about Working with multi-tenant roles[…]

Fixing Data with Bulk Actions and XSLT

An IDM deployment is not always a straightforward process. It perhaps bears a similarity to the development of a software product, which is far from a linear process as well. So, from time to time, it is necessary to modify or repair the data already present in midPoint system. For simple actions, like setting a Read more about Fixing Data with Bulk Actions and XSLT[…]

What can we really do about the insider threat?

The “insider” has been indicated as a the most severe security threat for decades. Almost every security study states that the insiders are among the highest risk in almost any organization. Employees, contractors, support engineers – they have straightforward access to the assets, they know the environment and they are in the best position to Read more about What can we really do about the insider threat?[…]

How to Start Up an Open Source Company

Evolveum is a successful open source company now. We develop open source Identity and Access Management (IAM) software. We have legally established Evolveum in 2011 but the origins of Evolveum date back to mid-2000s. In 2014 we are getting out of the startup stage into a sustainable stage. But it was a long way to Read more about How to Start Up an Open Source Company[…]

Transitive closure and matrix multiplication in identity management

MidPoint development of is full of interesting software problems – be it management of long-running tasks, integration of third-party workflow engine, devising a flexible authorization mechanism, creating a GUI that adapts to the customizable data model, or many others. However, the following one in particular reminded me of my happy student years at the faculty Read more about Transitive closure and matrix multiplication in identity management[…]

Provisioning Random sAMAccountName Value

Sometimes the customer requirements are very interesting, such as generating random attribute values. In this case I will show you how midPoint can generate random sAMAccountName attribute value for Microsoft Active Directory (AD) account provisioning. Although you can let the Active Directory to generate sAMAccountName just by omitting any value when creating a new account, Read more about Provisioning Random sAMAccountName Value[…]