Hacking OpenAM, Level: Nightmare

I’m dealing with the OpenAM and its predecessors for a very long time. I remember Sun Directory Server Access Management Edition (DSAME) in early 2000s. After many years and (at least) three rebrandings, the product was finally released as OpenSSO. That’s where Oracle struck and killed the product. ForgeRock picked it up. And that’s where Read more about Hacking OpenAM, Level: Nightmare[…]

Evolveum Winter 2015

The Evolveum team is great. I cannot put it in any other way. It is the best team that I have ever worked with. I have a long history of projects that I worked on: big projects, small projects, corporate projects, academic projects, consulting projects, deployment projects, development projects … and some of these were Read more about Evolveum Winter 2015[…]

FOSDEM 2015: Attending and observing

This year we finally visited famous FOSDEM, that was our destination This year we finally visited famous free conference for software developers to meet, share, collaborate and grow their communities. Just like every year, the event was organized in Brussels and was hosted by the Université Libre. The main motivation was to explore the conference Read more about FOSDEM 2015: Attending and observing[…]

MidPoint 3.1: New release called Sinan

MidPoint 3.1 was released few days ago. This version is code-named “Sinan” in honor of Koca Mimar Sinan, Turkish architect and civil engineer. Sinan was undoubtedly one of the best and most efficient builder of civic structures that the world has ever seen. And that’s exactly how we want it to be: efficient, elegant and useful. Read more about MidPoint 3.1: New release called Sinan[…]

Working with multi-tenant roles

When provisioning users in the multi-tenant environment, you have many organizations in your organization structure and your users belong to different organizations. Their access rights are combinations of roles AND tenants to which they belong. For example you can use a directory system, where users are provisioned, and assigned into groups, which are created and Read more about Working with multi-tenant roles[…]

Fixing Data with Bulk Actions and XSLT

An IDM deployment is not always a straightforward process. It perhaps bears a similarity to the development of a software product, which is far from a linear process as well. So, from time to time, it is necessary to modify or repair the data already present in midPoint system. For simple actions, like setting a Read more about Fixing Data with Bulk Actions and XSLT[…]