MidPoint 4.3 "Faraday"

MidPoint 4.3 “Faraday”

MidPoint 4.3 “Faraday” has been released on Friday, April 9th. The vast majority of time and effort during the development cycle was concentrated around midScale project, aimed on bringing better performance and scalability. Major improvements done in 4.3 for tasks are related to visibility, better error reporting and error handling. The significant time was invested Read more about MidPoint 4.3 “Faraday”[…]

midPoint on Mars

Per Identitam Ad Astra: We Are Going Multiplanetary

Humanity has been exploring Mars since 1960. With its 38% gravity of the Earth’s, thin yet protective atmosphere and day-night rhythm very similar to ours, it is believed that Mars is one of Earth’s closest habitable neighbors in our solar system. Next logical step after Mars exploration is a permanent settlement and building new society. Read more about Per Identitam Ad Astra: We Are Going Multiplanetary[…]