MidPoint 4.3 “Faraday”

MidPoint 4.3 “Faraday” has been released on Friday, April 9th. The vast majority of time and effort during the development cycle was concentrated around midScale project, aimed on bringing better performance and scalability.

Major improvements done in 4.3 for tasks are related to visibility, better error reporting and error handling. The significant time was invested to bring better experience and stability and ease diagnostics when using multi-threaded and multi-noded tasks.

Another major improvement in midPoint 4.3 is the support for asynchronous resources. Even though the design and implementation tend to be very modular, it was tested only for Apache ActiveMQ Artemis 2.x using JMS 2.0 to connect to it.

GUI improvements are part of every release. MidPoint 4.3 brings major improvements to self-service credentials page and task (statistics) page. Possibility to show organizations as a list was added, which may be appreciated mainly in case of deployments with rich organizational structures.

In midPoint 4.3 Schrödinger testing framework went through big changes. The biggest one is probably the fact, that Schrödinger was separated from midPoint. During 4.3 there was a lot of cleanup and improvements to configuration options. In addition, more components and pages are now covered not only with framework functions, but also by tests.

MidPoint 4.3 also comes with early prototype of scalable repository implementation based on PostreSQL, support for storing objects in JSON in repository, different code cleanups and dependency upgrades, and smaller performance improvements in various part of the system.

For full release details, please see release notes.

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