MidPoint Studio 4.3

MidPoint Studio 4.3 has been released. It is the first officially-supported version of MidPoint Studio, an integrated development environment (IDE) for MidPoint.

MidPoint is a comprehensive identity management platform. Identity management engineers know very well that there are complexities hidden around every corner of identity management world. Therefore midPoint has to be very flexible and customizable platform. This is one of the most obvious benefits of midPoint.
However, it has its cost. Maintenance of midPoint configuration can be quite challenging.

That is where MidPoint Studio comes to the rescue. Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE), designed to create and maintain midPoint configurations.
Studio is built on top of IntelliJ open source platform, which is a popular IDE platform for software developers. The platform provides features such as syntax highlight and code completion almost out of the box.

We have released MidPoint Studio 4.3. This is a second stable release of Studio. However, it is the first release that gets official support from Evolveum. MidPoint Studio is now official part of midPoint subscriptions. If you are midPoint subscriber, we will fix bugs in Studio for you, in pretty much the same way as we fix midPoint bugs. Studio is official now, and it is here to stay.

We would like to thank everybody that provided feedback on early versions of Studio. That was a great motivation to get to this point. Even though Studio is now stable and official, we are more than aware that there are always some things to improve. Therefore we would still like to ask the community for feedback, bugreports and improvement ideas for Studio. MidPoint mailing list is an ideal place for the discussions. And of course, we will be more than happy to accept any contributions!

Thank you. And godspeed to your fingers, working on your configuration in Studio.

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