MidPoint’s First Steps Methodology

MidPoint is a comprehensive, feature-rich identity management and governance platform. Since its beginnings, it was meant to be very flexible and customizable via configuration to allow various types of deployments. The flexibility, however, also brings complexity. Deployment challenges were often caused by the systems being integrated and their identity data. Even if midPoint features are documented and many useful samples provided, a more methodical approach was missing in the documentation to allow simpler midPoint deployment even in environments with low data quality.

In 2022-2023, Evolveum invested a lot of effort to create the First Steps Methodology. Developers and engineers had regular brainstorming sessions to prepare the methodology and think of features required in midPoint. Our goal was to have midPoint 4.8 (which is a long-term support release) ready with full support for the First Steps Methodology. The methodology was finished and required features and changes were integrated into midPoint 4.8. The most prominent of them were simulationsthe resource wizard, and object marks.

But what is this First Steps Methodology anyway?

In a few words (make sure you read more in pages dedicated to the First Steps Methodology), the methodology allows you to quickly deploy midPoint using simple configurations in three simple steps: Connect, Clean up, and Automate.

The methodology uses an iterative approach. It concentrates on providing value early, in small steps, starting with connecting a single source and a single target system, but continuing and guiding you towards an identity governance program. All of that is possible using the newest midPoint features, especially simulations, which allow you to see what would happen without it actually happening. That is a huge help in an environment where data quality suffers!

With First Steps Methodology available, we decided to go further, much further. We started to work on our new midPoint training curriculum, starting with theMidPoint Deployment: First Steps training course which allows you to use the methodology in a real environment with a lot of hands-on labs. The live training course is already available. Please see the schedule to register.

A self-paced version of this training is available free of charge for all our subscribers. Non-subscribers can register for a fee. Please see the self-paced training page for more information.

If you like pictures more than words and movies more than pictures, you may want to check out the recording of our First Steps Methodology Webinar from November 2023. Be sure to notice how the midPoint 4.8 user interface is used for all configurations (no editing using midPoint XML language).

But wait! What about joining our live workshop? What about meeting us in person?

Evolveum will be at the MidPoint Working Group during the TIIME Unconference (January 29 – February 1, 2024, in Copenhagen, Denmark). There will be multiple workshops and presentations (see the agenda) led by Evolveum experts, one of the talks being about First Steps Methodology! There you will not just read, not just see, but try midPoint in action!

Will you join us?

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