Resource Wizard in MidPoint 4.8

In mid-October we released midPoint 4.8 “Curie”. In this version we threw out the old unusable Resource Wizard that contained multiple configurations in one panel, multiple pop-ups, and kept opening a new configuration panel in the open configuration panel. We implemented a new Resource Wizard that emphasized simplicity, usability, and interactivity.

In the webinar that took place on November 22, 2023, we talked about three possibilities how start creating new resource: From Scratch, Inherit Template, and Copy from Template. We saw the basic configuration of a resource and the creation of a new object type with all the configurations: correlation, synchronization, mappings, activation, and credentials. We tested this resource with several accounts. We saw how to create a resource using a template works, and also differences for inheriting a template and copying from a template. Finally, we saw how easy it is to add a new connector to midPoint version 4.8.

Watch the webinar recording or take a look at the presentation.

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