MidPoint Deployment Fundamentals

A 5-day training where you will learn how to customize and deploy midPoint, understand most XML configuration objects, create and maintain Resource definitions and mappings, and much much more. Now updated for midPoint 4.4!

MidPoint Advanced Customization

Five-day advanced course for identity management architects, identity management system engineers and deployment partners who will further customize, deploy and support MidPoint Identity Manager beyond basic provisioning configuration covered by MidPoint Deployment Fundamentals training.

LDAP Directory Services

With this course you’ll gain both theoretical and practical understanding of LDAP protocol, servers and applications. The course is focused on universal LDAP concepts that are demonstrated using an open-source software (OpenLDAP or OpenDJ in Linux environment).

Connectors Development

Understand basic user provisioning and ConnId concepts. Analyze resource system which has to be managed by identity management solution. Or design and implement new ConnId Connector. This training has much to offer!

Identity Management architecture

Understand the basic principles of identity management technologies! would you like to know how to roughly design an identity management solution for a particular situation? Register for this training!

Identity Management Methodology

Master the basic concepts of user provisioning! Gain the ability of asking the right questions and to detect and avoid the common culprits in the user provisioning projects!