MidScale Survey Results

MidScale project is running full speed ahead. The goal of midScale is to significantly improve midPoint scalability and performance. The project is about to bring substantial changes in midPoint. As some of those changes will affect community in numerous ways, we have gathered feedback from midPoint community in a survey. The survey is completed and the results are in.

First of all, we would like to thank to all the participants. The survey was focused on engineering topics, often going deep down into the technology. This probably influenced the number of responses, which was slightly lower than we expected. However, that also means that each response has a relatively stronger influence on a future of midPoint.

Overall, the results validate our plans with MidScale. Although only a small portion of the community is reaching our intended scale, the responses indicated that the improvements will be useful to a significant part of the community. Our decision to focus on PostgreSQL was strongly supported by the community. We will keep the existing repository implementation, at least for some time. However, our direction to move towards PostgreSQL seems to be clear now. There were some slightly unexpected results in the auditing area, which in hindsight are not really unexpected at all. It looks like we will need to focus on a longer-term storage of audit data than we have originally anticipated. As for the platform, the Linux is a clear winner. There is also a notable tendency to move towards cloud environments. New Java versions does not seem to be any significant problem. Which is very good news for us. And, most importantly, you seem to be quite happy with midPoint! We are very pleased about that, we are happy that midPoint can help you address practical identity management challenges.

Detailed summary of the results is published on our documentation site, including our commentary for every question. There are some interesting points to check out.

Opinion of midPoint community is very important for us. We will listen. The data will guide the future of midPoint development. Thank you once again for participating in the survey.

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