MidPoint 4.x Future – The Survey

Do you want to influence the future of midPoint? Look no further! Now there is a brand new survey about the future of midPoint 4.x. Feel free to use this opportunity to express your opinions, though and feelings about midPoint.

MidPoint has grown quite a lot since its inception more than 8 years ago. Our decisions were always influenced by the community. The group of people that were interested in midPoint was quite small in the early days. It was possible to have a discussion with each of them individually. We love talking with people personally however midPoint is older now and its community is huge and still growing. As we would like to hear opinions from all of you we would like to try to gather community feedback by using a survey.

The survey is quite long. We took advantage of this opportunity to ask you about the many things that we were contemplating for a long time. All the answers are optional, therefore I hope that you will find the time to answer at least some parts of the survey. Those answers are very important to us. The data that we gather from this survey will be used to guide the future of midPoint. We will share the summarized results of the survey with the community once we gather enough data.

Even though the survey is quite long I hope that you will not get bored. But, enough talking. Let’s do this. Here is a link to the survey:


P.S. Sorry about the clickbait-like beginning of this post. I just could not resist.

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