midPoint 3.1.1

MidPoint 3.1.1 was released few days ago. It is formally an update to the “Sinan” (midPoint 3.1). But this is actually quite a substantial release as the original goal of “small and quick” update started a life of its own. This is a lesson for us what can happen when a development is driven by customer requirements. Nevertheless, midPoint 3.1.1 release is here. And it is a good release.

MidPoint 3.1.1 builds on the previous release. The resource wizard and actually the entire user interface has usability improvements. The most significant improvement is addition of “lookup” object. This object can be used to define a set of legal values for a property that a user can choose from. It can be used to provide a list of employee types, role types, timezones, languages, etc. In accord with a midPoint philosophy, this only needs to be specified once and all the midPoint components automatically adapt to it. This feature makes midPoint deployments even more efficient than before.

There is also a new support for Python scripting (in addition to Groovy, JavaScript/ECMAscript and XPath2). MidPoint reporting is significantly improved by much better integration with Jasper. There is a bunch of smaller additions too: workflow handlers are improved, there are slight policy improvements, there is a new validation API for complex GUI validations, etc. See the release notes for the details.

MidPoint 3.1.1 is a significant achievement and I want to thank all Evolveum team members that made it possible. However, I would like to express a special thanks to our contributors. It was during the development of midPoint 3.1.1 when we noticed increased contributor activity. We appreciate every single contribution to the midPoint project, whether it is a simple bugfix, translation or a major feature. Therefore I would like to thank all the midPoint contributors, regardless of what they have contributed. But there are two companies that deserve a special thanks: Biznet Bilişim and AMI Praha. They have been part of midPoint community for a couple of years and they provide the energy for continued midPoint development.

It looks like the midPoint community is growing. MidPoint is no longer a technology that is created by Evolveum only. MidPoint is a true open source project that is a product of several cooperating companies. We also see increased customer interest in the technology that we have created together with our partners. I take this as a sign that word about midPoint has already spread far and wide enough for our project to make a mark on the IAM market. That was our initial goal: to make a difference. To improve the terrible state of established IDM technology. We are getting very close to achieving that goal. We’ve been having a technology to do that for some time already. But now we are also gaining the audience.

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