MidPoint 4.4 Release Candidate

Dear midPoint community,

midPoint 4.4-RC1 has been released. MidPoint 4.4 is planned to be, after midPoint 4.0, the second LTS release. Many interesting improvements and features have been added during the development cycle such as a native repository implementation, various tasks improvements with better auto-scaling capabilities, Jasper reporting replacement with native reporting mechanism, GUI optimizations and UX improvements as well as more configurable options to adjust midPoint GUI for different deployments better.

During the past year, we have worked hard not only to bring midPoint 4.3 and midPoint 4.4, which is also LTS, but we have also participated in NGI TRUST program on the project called midScale. Because of this and also the fact that midPoint 4.4 is planned to be supported for a long term, we have decided to put off the official release of 4.4 to the end of November. We are adding one more full bugfixing cycle to have enough time for testing it properly and fixing the bugs to the full. This is the only way we can bring as stable product as possible.

I would like to kindly ask you, dear community, to help us with the testing, and finding and fixing as many bugs as you can. Only this way, both you and us, can be sure that once you go to production, everything will work as expected. For testing, please either use currently released midPoint 4.4-RC1 (zip available here and gzip available here), or if you are brave enough, build the midPoint from the most current source code.

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