How to Automate Zoom Account Provisioning Webinar Retrospective

For those who have missed it or would like to refresh their mind, we are bringing you this short report about How to Automate Zoom Account Provisioning webinar held on March 18, 2021. Presenters from Evolveum and Exclamation Labs were talking about options for managing accounts in Zoom. The webinar started with a description of entities. In 45 minutes, topics such as available account types, roles, groups and licences were covered. Then the current state where most higher education institutions are using just-in-time provisioning for creating an account was discussed. Deprovisioning is often solved using manual processes.

Solution using midPoint with Zoom connector was presented. This solution is using just-in-case provisioning, and it supports deprovisioning at the same time. The solution’s benefits were discussed as well, including extra features that are possible thanks to integration with midPoint. The connector capabilities were demonstrated in practice. The demo also covered the combination of both just-in-time and just-in-case approaches where accounts were created using the just-in-time method but then managed and deprovisioned using the just-in-case method implemented in the Zoom connector.

Vision for the ideal solution, which will minimize the number of used licences, was shared at the end of the webinar. Evolveum and Exclamation Labs will be working on it in the future.

If you find these topics interesting, have a look at the presentation used during the webinar available here or watch the video recording:

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