Development of Galileo

Development of midPoint 3.9 has started a couple of weeks ago. MidPoint 3.9 release is code-named Galileo. Galileo Galilei was a polymath who helped to advance several fields of science. And it is such a broad scope of improvements that is planned for midPoint 3.9. Therefore, Galileo is really appropriate name for this release.

First of all, there is a bunch of user interface improvements. We are already working on improved assignment/inducement selection dialog. Improved registration and form validation features will soon be merged into master branch. And there are plans for shopping cart improvements, slightly better GUI support for authorizations, some improved customization of user interface and big bunch of smaller improvements.

A significant feature will be the support for service account management. MidPoint 3.9 should be able to manage non-person accounts – accounts that belong to applications and services. This is a big step in the right direction. However, this is a huge task and it cannot be done in one step. Unfortunately, this feature was only partially sponsored, therefore the development is now focused on the specific use-cases required by the sponsor. Despite partial implementation, the service account management of midPoint 3.9 may be very useful feature for many midPoint deployments.

There is also a collection of improvements to ConnId connector framework that was long overdue. Perhaps the most important one is the native support for timestamps. But there are smaller diagnostics and lifecycle management improvements both to the connector framework and some connectors. This is an interesting development and therefore it deserves its own blog post. Stay tuned.

There are much smaller improvements and bugfixes planned for MidPoint 3.9. However, as the release is planned for autumn 2018, the development tasks are strictly prioritized. Feature requests from platform subscribers and bug reports from all midPoint subscribers are the highest priority and we have adapted the release plan so all of these can fit in. But the story is different for other, so called “community” tasks. We will try to address at least some part of those as well. But as we see quite an interesting growth of midPoint subscriptions, I’m afraid there will be only a very small portion of time available for community issues. In fact, midPoint 3.9 development plan was full for quite some time before the development even started. And it looks like this trend is very likely to continue in midPoint 4.0. Therefore, if you want to see your features in next midPoint release, please activate your platform subscription now. More subscriptions means we will be able to expand our development and get more features into each release.

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