A New Guy In Town (MidPoint Advanced Customization training course)

There’s a new guy in town. His name is MidPoint Advanced Customization training course. A brand new training course dedicated to more advanced topics that could not be covered by the predecessor – MidPoint Deployment Fundamentals training course.

At first there was a workshop for midPoint, which gradually evolved into the full MidPoint Deployment Fundamentals training with all the bells and whistles. It was clear from the beginning (and from our previous experience from other training courses, either attended or lectured by us) that a five-day course is an appropriate maximum for showing and trying anything as complex as identity management software. The training’s goal was to introduce the basic concepts to make the students understand how and why midPoint works. (If you attended the course, you may remember this phrase, as I am using it at the very beginning of each one.)

But midPoint has evolved. It’s no more just about user provisioning; there are many more features to understand, try and play with. And even though we add more and more details to the training, one week is simply not enough. That’s why we have created a second five-day training to cover the advanced topics. The new training, as described in full detail on its page, allows to extend the knowledge of the students who attended the MidPoint Deployment Fundamentals training course and already have some practical skills from their own environments (either as Evolveum customers or partners). A bottom line is, you should not attempt to take this course before you satisfy the conditions above. You could be lost quite easily. The second training starts just where the first one finished, continuing with the environment and configuration.

The second training course covers a few complex topics such as Generic Synchronization, Role Request and Approval Processes and Password Hashing with Account Activation, and adds some information to the concepts which were already part of the first training, such as Advanced Resource Features or Advanced Object Template Features. This training is also five-day long, has a little less modules and slides, but much more labs. Because we feel the practice is important for these more complex topics.

And yet, even two training courses seem to be not enough to cover all midPoint features. It just keeps evolving. So there will be new training course(s), eventually. But it all depends on you – our customers and partners. Your demand is what drives us, just like with the MidPoint Advanced Customization training course. It was made for you, because you need it.

In case you are curious how a completely new training is made… In the beginning, there is a thought, a list of ideas which become a script (just like for a movie). List of modules and potential labs is created. The order is aligned to make sense; the training must be something which resembles reality. Almost a story. Then, iteratively, modules are written. We started with labs this time, prepared them in a very detailed way, then prepared slides and tried if they play together well. Add this, add that, shake, not stir, let it boil and you are done. It’s so simple in theory 🙂 But this is how it happened.

We have already had the MidPoint Advanced Customization training course session, led by me, directly in our offices in Bratislava, Slovakia. It was an excellent opportunity to meet my students from the previous courses again, in person.

MidPoint Advanced Customization training course

And based on the feedback, the training was a success. So we’re looking forward to meet you again!

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