Data Provenance Workshop Results

Phase 1 of midPrivacy project is almost complete now. Even though it is ongoing for only half of a year, we managed to discover a lot about metadata processing. Some of it we have implemented into the midPoint code, but we have also realized the problem is more complex than we have thought at the beginning. For example, we have identified the Metadata Multiplicity Problem.

With all this in mind, we have organized a public workshop to share our results and gather feedback. The workshop contained a presentation about provenance metadata, live demo of metadata processing in midPoint and presentation about the midPrivacy initiative. The workshop was partially interactive thanks to polls launched during the demo and also thanks to the discussion at the end of it.

There was about 20 people attending. Polls and the discussions revealed that the metadata management is usable, but it will need additional effort to use it in its full potential.

The presentation from the workshop is available on the Evolveum talks page. Recording of the workshop is public too. Presented demo will be released as a docker image when midPoint 4.2 will be finalized.

Here are the poll results:

We would like to thank everyone for the participation in the workshop and encourage you to share related thoughts on the midPoint mailing list.

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